Trinidad & Tobago International Marathon

Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon

51 days

Sunday January 17th, 2016

Online Registration

Online registration (via for the 34th edition of the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon is now open!

The Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon 2016

2015 was the launch of the Athlete Preparation Fund, come Sunday January 17, 2016 the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon will be staged together with the International 5k on Saturday January 16.  The Trinidad and Tobago Marathon Committee (TTMC) is pleased to introduce New to its Festival of Events, the Marathon Relay, a six (6) leg relay of 7k distance per leg covering the course of the marathon.  Teams may participate in Clubs and Corporate or from Secondary Schools.  This will take the place of the half marathon and will be a development tool for the young runner who is hoping to make distance running a sporting interest.

Participants will experience the thrill of team competition and camaraderie alongside the excitement of the International Marathon which has seen approximately sixteen countries visiting our shores over the last few years. Visitors will also have the opportunity to run in a 34 year historic event, on a certified course and view national sites along the route including the magnificent seven buildings at the finish stretch and the Queen’s Park Savannah, the largest round-a-bout in the World.
As part of the 2016 event and in memory of Charles Spooner, a stalwart in the main event who passed away earlier this year, his daughter Chenelle Spooner will attempt to complete the Marathon. TTMC will be following her training and supporting her to ensure she achieve’s her goal.

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