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Tribute to a Sporting Icon, Tony Harford

Anthony ‘Tony’ Ignatius Emmanuel Harford passed in his sleep early on Friday 3rd December 2021 following months of challenges with his health. Having known Tony from different arenas, I remember him conducting his charitable Bingo games helping many to raise funds for their cause and never charging for his services. In the 1990s in the midst of my sport management career, and when I co-ordinated the opening ceremony of the 1991 Carifta Games hosted by the NAAA and held at the Haseley Crawford Stadium, the rain fell heaverly and Tony would simply say to me “Diane, not to worry, breathe, everything would be fine.” This resonated with me, whatever he said was believable, and from that day forward I always had faith that all would be well.

Tony was not only a versed radio announcer as we are all aware, known for his smooth voice and expert master of ceremonies role, which he executed at the House of Angostura on many an occasion. Tony was also a sporting enthusiast of great proportions, having been a one-time marathoner when he completed the TTIM in 7hrs 45 secs in 2005 at the age of 51, to which he was very proud of. As far as I could remember, Tony took a personal interest in the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon from the early days. In the 1980s and 90s he featured the TT Road Runners Club and other running clubs on his radio program promoting distance running, like the Tinactin 10K and encouraging the fraternity. It was through All Sport Promotions he produced video coverage of the T&T International Marathon (TTIM) on several occasions building its profile and making it what it was and is today, an international brand. In recent years Tony and the TT Marathon Committee (TTMC) partnered once again bringing it to the forefront of the minds of the running fraternity and securing sponsorships in support of its objectives.

Francis Williams-Smith, Race Director of the TTIM remembers Tony as a Fatima boy who was in class with his younger brother, David Williams-Smith and many of their friends who also happened to be Francis’s friends, he too being a Fatima boy. In his capacity as a media person, Tony reached out to Francis and assisted him through the media to promote distance running. He learnt the ropes and so was able to target the various media outlets when promoting an event. This proved invaluable from then till now. They reconnected within the umbrella of the TTIM, an event Tony always admired. Adding his banter at any committee meeting always enlightening the moment making it easy for us to have productive and successful communication. Alas, as Tony returned, he gave it his all as a co-producer of the event, till the pandemic in March 2020 leaving a piece of his heart with us.

As we celebrate 40 years of the TTIM race’s existence in 2022, Tony will be honored for his contributions to the distance running arena. We extend condolences to his family, friends and associates from the TTMC, Francis and Diane and may he forever sleep in peace.

—Diane Henderson, President, Trinidad and Tobago Marathon Committee

TTIM 2022 40th Edition VR Races

The TTIM was born in 1983 as the Mirror Marathon under the guidance of Raffique Shah.

For this year’s event, the late Anthony ‘Tony’ Harford is being honoured and recognised for his unending contributions to the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon (TTIM) throughout the race’s existence.

Be part of the TTIM 40TH Edition and achieve your fitness goals with the second TTIM VR virtual races. Run your chosen distance over three weeks, choose a scenic route and receive your 2022 40th Edition VR race medal -or- complete more than once to receive all three. Each race must be run all at one time or in one go and recorded on one timing device. These events are to be completed on foot by running, walking or hiking.

The 2021 Virtual Marathon | Press Release

The Trinidad and Tobago Marathon Committee (TTMC) is pleased to close on our charitable obligations in presenting a cheque for $9,045.00 to Mr. Brian Lewis, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee (TTOC) for the #10Golds24 Athlete Welfare & Preparation Fund representing proceeds from the 2020 event; and look forward to supporting additional charities for 2021.

The 38th Edition saw an increase in runners in the Marathon with 242 participants, of which 120 were early starters. Women showed a vast increase of 57 runners, mostly in the 30-40 age group while men maintained a stronghold in the younger and older groups.

We hope that all runners and their loved ones are well and in good health. The COVID-19 Pandemic has placed each and every one of us under unexpected emotional and financial stress and has caused us to adapt and to be flexible in this new situation.

The TTMC is no different and we understand how everyone feels, we will maintain communication with all our stakeholders with the view of keeping them abreast of changes as they are presented. As such and in compliance with new health guidelines laid out by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the Ministry of Health (MOH) and by extension the National Association of Athletics Administrations of T&T (NAAATT), the TTMC have adjusted their races for 2021 only, into a virtual event.

TTIM Virtual (VR) Marathon & Ultra Challenge will consist of four races over the distances of 35, 26.2, 13.1 and 3.1 miles.

  • The TTIM VR Marathon 26.2 which represents the 39 th Edition of our TTIM;
  • The TTIM VR ULTRA 35, a 56K race which extends on completion of the 26.2 marathon distance;
  • The TTIM VR Half 13.1, a rejuvenation of the TTIM Half Marathon, and
  • The TTIM VR 3.1, the race for the fun runners.

The Challenge is out for you the runner to raise the bar and complete the Ultra Challenge! Runners can choose any distance or any combination to receive their race medals. Team up with friends or go it alone to achieve that special distance on your bucket list. Runners will have a window of three weeks, January 1-24 to complete all races. Limited numbers for each race distance. Runners in the VR-M 26.2 will have the opportunity to beat their age group best time and brag with friends on any course they choose. The VR-H 13.1 distance has been offered for the half marathon lovers, while the VR 3.1 or 5K for fun runners make it a little something for everyone. Branded products will be available to mark this memorable occasion being the first TTIM virtual races, get yours early.

More race/registration details will be posted on the TTIM website and social media, such as Facebook and Instagram to ensure understanding of this new format.

Our sponsors have been the backbone of our TTIM successes and we thank them for continuing to partner with us as we finalise details we invite everyone to try out the new format and challenge themselves for the 2021 and 39 th Edition of the TTIM. We encourage you to Stay Safe, Wear a Mask, and Maintain Social Distancing, it will save lives.

Click here for more details and for registration »

Cover illustration by intographics from Pixabay.

2020 TT International Marathon—Photo Gallery

2020 Five-Leg Relay—Photo Gallery

2020 TT International 5K—Photo Gallery

2020 TT Marathon Festival Weekend—Results

Photo Gallery—2019 TT International 5K

The TTIM 5K held every year forms part of the Trinidad and Tobago International Marathon Festival of Events.

In 2019, the TTIM marked its 38th Edition in the historic running of the event. The TTIM 5K was held around the Queen’s Park Savannah (QPS) the largest roundabout in the World on Saturday 26th January, 2019.

Just under 700 runners faced the starter in this year’s event.