Trinidad & Tobago International Marathon

The Six-Leg Marathon Relay!

In 2016 we debut the all new, six-leg, marathon relay!

Partner up with your colleagues, your classmates, your sports club, or your friends! Form a team of two to six runners and sign up online today for the low, team price of $150 USD.

EDIT: Responding to feedback from our runners, we’ve modified the relay rates to a new rate of $160 USD per team for teams of 5-6 members, and $30 USD per person for teams of 2-4 members.

By customising your team, and choosing the number of legs you wish to run, you can run a half marathon distance, a third of a marathon, a sixth, or any other distance in-between that you desire! (View race information and map.)

Experience the ecstatic, life-changing, elation and pride of completing a marathon among your friends, while the roaring crowd cheers you on! Join us!